Elevate your business and boost your impact with a Design Power Day

First-class design,
right when you need it.

Like treating your brand to a spa day

Book a Power Day and get our undivided full attention for a whole day while we work on getting you the hottest designs on the block.

No matter what new assets you need done, we know how to make your brand shine and we have an eye for detail.

No in-house designer? No problem. This is your chance to have an expert team working on your design needs for a whole day (or more, but let’s talk first).

These are some of the cool things we can design for you

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Lead Magnets

  • Digital Ads

  • Podcast Promo Materials

  • Style Redesign

  • Invitations & Gift Cards

  • Ebooks & PDF Guides

  • Stationery

  • Business Cards

  • Pinterest Pins

  • Swag Design

  • Brochures

  • Presentations

  • Blog Graphics

  • YouTube Thumbnails

  • Email Design

  • Banners

  • Flyers

  • “Working 1:1 with By Artisan is like having your personal website development and design agency — for a day, two days or as long as you need it, when you need it. With Mai and Javier at your side you can tackle projects that are way beyond your personal skill set, yet much needed for the modern day entrepreneur. Plus you know everything is not just done right, but with the utmost attention to detail.”

    Sandra WeinachtPresident & Co-Founder — Inside Europe Travel Experiences

How does a Power Day work?


  • We have a 30 min. discovery call

    We review the work you need to get done and set together a list of priorities and expectations for that day. If everything looks good, you get a link to pick a date and pay for your Power Day in advance.


  • You pick a date in our calendar

    You pick a date in our calendar to book your Power Day and we’ll send over the things we’ll need from you to be as ready as possible to rock it. You’ll need to be somewhat available that day too in case we have any questions!


  • We tackle your to-do list 💪

    The Power Day starts. We’ll work on the things we agreed and send you 2 revisions during that day for you to follow up on what’s being done (if applicable, specifically for design based tasks).

What exactly happens that day?

The Power Day is a 7 hours day where one person from our team works on tailored designs for your brand.

We’ll need you to be virtually available during that day to get feedback or answer any questions that may come up, so we can move smoothly with everything that needs to get done.

Our team works in EST. If applicable, around noon that day you’ll get your first preview of the work and around 4 pm the final revision, where we’ll make the last adjustments if needed and get your approval. After that or by the next morning -depending on the kind of work- we’ll deliver the final work.

This is for you if…

  • You need to free up mental space and you’re ready to bring expert help in

  • You want to finally get that lead magnet designed so you can start building your email list

  • You’re preparing for a launch or a promotion and want to make sure you have all the materials you need

  • You value your time and you’re ready to pay for getting fast results

  • You need to quickly generate professional graphic assets to post on social media

  • You can tell when something looks good, but you find it hard to create high-end looking designs on your own




Book your Design Power Day

Hi! We’re Mai & Javier 👋

We’ve helped thousands of brands get online since 2011. We live and breathe design, web development and marketing. And above all, we have a passion for helping our clients thrive.

You might be asking yourself…

  • Can I book more than one Power Day?

    Of course! Some clients prefer to book 2 or 3 days in advance to get more things done. Others may book a fixed day every month so they make sure to have us available for their monthly needs. If you’re not sure how many days you’ll need for the work you’ll need, let’s talk and we’ll recommend the best option.

  • How far in advance do I need to book you?

    There isn’t a rule for this. If we have the date available in our schedule and it works for you, you can book it. But do keep in mind that you’ll probably need some prep time for any content, assets or credentials that we may need from you. So make sure you pick a date that lets you get properly prepared for us to make the most out of that day. Usually we recommend booking at least one week in advance.

  • What are the requirements if I need website work?

    For anything website work, we can only take work on WordPress sites (either working with our themes or with Elementor). Other than that, your website needs to be running on a solid hosting provider to ensure that the work can be properly done in time. Contact us if you have doubts about any of this.

  • Can you design a full brand identity for me on a Power Day?

    Power Days are meant to be used for “in-a-day” completable tasks and not for extensive projects that would require a long-term approach with days of back and forth reviews. As such, we cannot design a full brand identity or a logo during your Power Day. However, we can do a simpler style design (working on typography + color palette + UI elements). Reach out and we’ll put together a plan for your specific needs.

  • What’s not included within the work?

    — For any graphic design work, we do not include native files in the deliverables. For example, we’ll send you PNG or JPG files for social media graphics, but not Illustrator files.
    — We do not include paid stock images, paid graphic materials or premium font licenses (we’ll let you know if there’s anything you’ll need to purchase and discuss that with you in advance).
    — We do not include paid licenses for plugins or other 3rd party application services that you may need for your website (again, we’ll let you know in advance if there’s something you’ll need to purchase for what you want to achieve).

  • What do you need from me before that day?

    We’ll send you the full list of the things we’ll need for the work we’ll have to do, but just so you get an idea, this is the kind of things we’ll need:
    — Passwords or credentials if we’re going to work on your website. Including a WordPress admin user, hosting access or other platforms we may need to log in to. Don’t worry, we will never share these details outside our team.
    — The content for the work we’ll be doing, such as: copy, imagery, etc. We’ll need it all together on a Google Drive folder, using Google Docs for the texts.
    — Existing brand assets: logo files, color palette, current website. We’ll use this as a basis for any design work.

  • What happens if you don’t get to do all the things on the list?

    Before we get to the day of your Power Day, we’ll set together a list of priorities that includes the things we’ll get to do (based on our experience of how much time each of those takes) and the “extras”, which are things that would be super nice to have if we have the time to get to them. If you want additional work to get done, you can book us for another day or for as many as you need.

  • Do I need to be available that day?

    Yes, but not for the entire day. While it is a day fully dedicated to work on your projects, this is not an in-person or video call work day. Preferably, choose a date that isn’t full of meetings and appointments. And make sure you’ll be virtually available at least for reviews and questions that may arise.

  • Can I reschedule the date if I need to?

    We don’t reschedule our dates for the Power Days unless something very unusual happens. If you need to reschedule for such a reason, we ask you to notify us at least 48 hours in advance so we can discuss it.

  • How do revisions work?

    Depending on what you ask us to do, if it’s working on social media graphics or new pages for your website, for example, we’ll let you know how you’ll be able to review what’s being done. Usually, if there is something to review, we’ll send it to you twice during that day: one first preview and one final revision close to the end of the day, and we’ll wait for your approval or comments to proceed. Keep in mind that any big changes would eat into our time that day, that’s why we only recommend the Power Days if you are capable of making fast decisions. Most of our clients love what we do for them, so the revisions usually end up being small adjustments (if any!).

  • Is there support for the work that gets done?

    Absolutely! We’ll be available for 1 week after the Power Day for email-based support in case something isn’t working as expected or you have any questions.

  • How do we communicate with each other that day?

    During your Power Day we’ll communicate through email, and if necessary we might meet over a Zoom call. We’ll ping you if any questions come up, and to share previews of the work right in there too. So make sure you have your inbox notifications on (and maybe your fancy Zoom shirt too ).

Book Your Design Power Day

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